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English Language Virtual Lessons

Course content

Reading and Understanding Texts

  • Explicit and Implicit Ideas
  • Inference and Deduction
  • Summarising differences and similarities

Language and Structure in Reading and Writing

  • Descriptive Language techniques
  • Persuasive Language techniques
  • Structure techniques
  • Approaching a question on language
  • Approaching a question on structure
  • Structuring a response to a language question
  • Responding to a structure question
  • Writing about language and structure together

Evaluating Texts

  • Introduction to evaluation
  • Evaluating non-fiction
  • Evaluating Fiction

Comparing Texts

  • Writers' attitudes and viewpoints
  • Evaluative comparisons

Creating Writing

  • Descriptive vs narrative writing
  • Planning descriptive writing
  • Writing a description
  • Improving descriptive writing
  • Planning narrative writing
  • Narrative Openings
  • Narrative Resolutions
  • Writing dialogue

Non-Fiction Writing

  • Types of non-fiction writing
  • Letter writing
  • Article writing
  • Speech writing